Alessandro Canepa / Biocamino Klino

Alessandro Canepa / Biocamino Klino it has been modified: 2012-05-04 di Benedetto Fiori

In KLINO the steel of the inclined planes and transparency of tempered glass which "protects" the flame heat have been cleverly combined to work alongside the valences techniques also aesthetic features of personality, which allow you to add this model biocamino environments furnishing more current, giving charm and comfort to your home.

The reflections of the flame present on the upper surface and the difference of the materials create dynamism, rhythm and elegance to the product and at the same time evoke a warm and enveloping. Numerous plus the new KLINO: Flexibility of layout, comfort guaranteed technical, environmental and total security with ability to adjust the flame heat and turn on / off the biocamino anytime.

Designer: Alessandro Canepa



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