Save Nadal / El Nebot of Persianer

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Save Nadal / El Nebot of Persianer it has been modified: 2012-11-02 di Benedict Flowers

El Nebot of persianer is the project recently presented to Feria Habitat Valencia Save by Nadal. The furniture and lamps in the collection presented are made with "persianas" reused.

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el nebot of persianer-21el Nebot of persianer, table MARU

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El Nebot of persianer is a series of timeless furniture that offers original and current solutions to the problem of the workspace, while incorporating elements of traditional craftsmanship Catalan.

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"The use of fragments of the tents in furniture is not only a smart way to recycle and give new life to an object that has fallen into disuse, but it is also a poetic cry of protest, to remember what was done by the hands of our old craftsmen. With them he will go a world of knowledge and practical wisdom. The furniture of Salvador Nadal are designed for today's activity, but talk about a legacy that we must not lose. "

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el nebot of persianer-04el Nebot of persianer, lamp ADELA

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el nebot of persianer-17el Nebot of persianer, lamp Tilu

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