Roberto Corazza / Library Tree

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The shape of the tree of the library that has proposed Roberto Corazza, Represents a different way of understanding the library at home. This simple concept, wants to give visual lightness to an element that usually has a structure and is an important

piece of furniture of great impact, guardian of the important things: books. For the first time, the subject's attention is captured by the books themselves, and only then from the structure, which inevitably becomes an almost invisible support. The branches, which act as shelf, have different inclinations, just to break the monotony of the fixed pattern, and the lack of the backrest of closure, is given by its peculiarity of being either positioned wall, both in the center of the room, after the creation of a pedestal. The structure, is made in a single cast, avoiding any type of joint, in order to give greater sturdiness. The structure can be realized in plastic material, methacrylate type, with a maximum thickness 12 mm, or alternatively, a colored steel.



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