Music to your walls: the innovative and overwhelming rhythm of the paper to the ALLTHEFRUITS duo wallpaper.

Allthefruit wallpaper
Music to your walls: the innovative and overwhelming rhythm of the paper to the ALLTHEFRUITS duo wallpaper. it has been modified: 2015-11-25 di Andrew Barnabas

An illustrator and a designer meet. They work together; they design some unique items. To achieve them, they decided to move to Bologna. Let's talk about Jessica Pinotti and Stephen Cheetham - the best known duo AllTheFruits - And of their love for a particular product as the wallpaper.

Together they do not think only of new reasons to enrich and improve the furniture, but they tend to look for new simple and immediate methods to apply this product in reality. Like the famous song by Little Richards for the then international musical scene, the products Tuttifrutti They are a breath of fresh air within the market of wallpapers and design in general. Here are some of the products offered by Swartlab.


The idea of ​​the classic calendar is exceeded: revisiting the theme, Allthefrutis offers us a card pre-pasted from 175 grams, which can be applied on any surface, soaking it in water and letting it dry. Obviously, at the end of year, when its service life, can be easily removed. If you really do not want to risk the wall of your home, it can still be applied with adhesive or pins.

Wallpaper Calendar

Allthefruits, wallpaper Calendar


Allthefruits resolved with a simple and effective idea the old problem of surplus of unused residues of wallpaper at the time of installation: Cut & Paste, thanks to a specially designed graphics, allows you to easily juxtapose different patterns in accordance with their own personal taste. In a roll from 10 meters are mixed various reasons meant coordinated between them will do a pair of scissors and a lot of creativity in order to simply cut and pull the reasons as more like. Each roll has dimensions of 10 0,52 mx m, covering an area of ​​approximately 5 square meters.

Allthefruit, wallpaper CUT & PASTE

Allthefruit, wallpaper CUT & PASTE


Many also wallpapers classic, enhanced by the artistic style that characterizes the products of the duo. Among these we emphasize WOOD and COPA. Both reasons, related to the natural world, depicting trees in WOOD, inspiration symbolic illustration to life with a series of lines that represent knots and inlay bark of the trunk; COPA, on the other hand, is deployed in large green leaves that seem to wrap around and collect the wall. WOOD is available in White & Black, Chestnut, Yellow; COPA in Blue, Pink and Miami.

Allthefruit, wallpaper WOOD

Allthefruit, wallpaper WOOD

Allthefruit, wallpaper COPA

Allthefruit, wallpaper COPA

All products are digitally printed on wallpaper of the highest quality.

The product can be purchased on site swartlab

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