MH WAY / urban MT1 and MT4

MH WAY / urban MT1 and MT4 it has been modified: 2012-06-12 di Benedict Flowers

MH WAY is a leading designer of folders, business luggage, bags and accessories high in design and innovation.
Founded by Makio Hasuike, creative soul of the brand, was born as an experimental project that offers an alternative to conventional non-work bag, MH WAY is a brand from the independent spirit that develops advanced products become a must for their uniqueness of life Urban contemporary of the last thirty years.

The new line URBAN is a line dedicated to urban dynamics, always in style MH WAY combining aesthetics essential to strong identity.
Perfect to move into a bike or motorcycle, the line consists of lightweight objects in weight and in the spirit, in line with the philosophy of MH WAY that combines aesthetics essential to a strong identity. The functionality of bags and backpacks convertible follows the rhythm of the dynamic life of the city and takes us on short trips. They are objects that fit our minimum movements and contain accommodate the need to move freely.
Many are the features which characterize the flexibility of use and versatility of the various models. The technical details such as reflective strips, elastic tapes to compact the space and the handle to hook helmet fit perfectly to the clean look of products. The materials and technical fabrics were chosen to ensure a low weight while the color range offers a classic choice sportier.



MT1: shoulder bag man woman with reflective strips, adjustable, lightweight suits both move in that city for biking ideal for listening to music when you're on the move.



MT4: folder messanger pc expandable with shoulder straps and reflective strips, ideal for travel by bicycle or on foot.

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