Philippe Starck / chair Broom

Philippe Starck / chair Broom it has been modified: 2012-06-12 di Benedetto Fiori

Emeco, an American chair manufacturer, collaborated with French designer Philippe Starck to develop the Broom chair, presented during the 2012 Milan Furniture Fair. The project introduces a completely new composite material, obtained by combining regenerated polypropylene and discarded wood fiber to create a compound that has a triple environmental impact: less energy, less waste and less carbon - conservation of natural resources and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The project stems from a sketch that Starck had done in 2001 for a chair of mixed material. The name of the chair comes from the ability of the material it is made of literally be swept and collected from the floor of the laboratory transforming it into a new form.

Since 1940 Emeco has recovered items used in the production, the chair Broom is part of that evolution.







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