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The new emotions of Librottiglia it has been modified: 2018-12-18 di Benedict Flowers

Three unpublished stories from the pen of a journalist, a novelist and a singer-songwriter. A new wine. A story that contemplates listening to a song. Here are the news of Librottiglia.

There is no lack of surprises, laughter, moving moments. The new edition of Librottiglia is full of emotions for those who want, as proposed by the series, to combine two pleasures in a unique experience: dive into the pleasant reading of a story by tasting two glasses of a wine of excellence.

Three new short stories, three new authors and a new "jewel" of the Piedmontese winery Matteo Correggia enrich the series that has won 11 international awards and has been reviewed in many countries thanks to its original design conceived by the agency Reverse Innovation - the label of each 375ml bottle acts as a booklet. The eno-literary juxtaposition is always based on the relationship between the sensorial suggestions communicated by the “nectars of the gods” and the scenarios imagined in the works.

The introduction of Barbera is the novelty of the last vintage. Fresh, very fruity, a real invitation to daily appreciation and conviviality, this is a red that requires some time for them deciphered in its fullness, as well as the intriguing character of "Seat Window", the gripping travel story signed by the journalist and writer Tommaso Pellizzari, to whom it is combined.

For his captivating and agile tone, "Enlightenment", by the novelist and theatrical author Sal Costa, is the tragicomic fiction linked to the lightness and ease of the white Roero Arneis. What to say more without spilling too much plot details? Get ready, this is undoubtedly an unusual story of "conversion".

A simple hobby, which becomes a passion, is the theme that accompanies the intensity of Roero. With his engaging style, the singer-songwriter Marco Iacampo unveils the enchanting course of real events that gave life to the song "The perfect fisherman" and guides the readers-tasters to discover the particular poetic of the composition. To encourage an atmosphere even more full of stimuli for the senses and the imagination, a link directs the song to listen then to recognize every reference contained in the narration. A tale more than suitable for this red from the noble Nebbiolo vine, fruit of a creation and evolution quite challenging but just as fascinating, as can be a song.

For those who have not yet read the first Librottiglia titles, continue on the digital shelf ( the other three success stories, in the Italian and English versions: "La Rana nella Pancia" (fable written by the singer-songwriter) Patrizia Laquidara is connected to the uncommon personality of the red Anthos, a dry brachetto with an unexpected sweet bouquet), "I love you. Forget me "(by the writer and cultural producer Regina Nadaes Marques, is the chronicle of a love that changes life, as lively as Roero) and" The murder "(a funny yellow in tone with" the spirit "of the Roero Arneis signed by journalist and satirical author Danilo Zanelli).

2018 bookshelfbooklet Lightingwindow seat place windowperfect fisherman's booklet2018 bookshelf

2018 bookshelf

2018 bookshelf

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