Interview | Reverse Innovation: graphic comunication and packaging design

Interview | Reverse Innovation: graphic comunication and packaging design it has been modified: +2015 di Benedict Flowers

Video interview with Alice Tacconi, Mirco Onesti and the Reverse Innovation study components.

SDM: What is Reverse Innovation?

AT: Reverse as agency deals mainly graphic communications and even industrial design, specifically the structural design.

MO: In recent years the agency is very specialized in packaging, trying to give concrete answers, providing our know-how, which makes use of an eclectic design, having explored many aspects of the design field and then trying to focus all our energy and our enthusiasm in this matter.

SDM: What is for you the design?

AT: Managing to transfer the complexity of a brand in a specific product, which is recognizable to the consumer in the store, it means to be engaging, interacting with the consumer himself through multiple sensations, touch, sight, hearing, all ' smell, the taste, so it is an experience 360 degree with the final product.

SDM: What importance covers the technology in design?

GDSM: The importance of technology is introducing new materials, new production techniques, and new possibilities. Transforms existing technologies and production methods, more effective tornandoli, then surely the design and technology always walk together, they are two things that can not be separated.

SDM: The design concept changes over time?

MO: Perhaps you and I would say fortunately, because this triggers a whole series of mechanisms by which, a bit 'for the influence of fashions and trends, or interest by the people, there is a boost in the continuing search and innovation of products, this applies equally to all areas, both in the more traditional design, which may be that of furniture, but it is an argument that can be extended to anything that involves a planning process.

SDM: What is the relationship between design, sustainability and the environment?

VT: Over time it has always given more attention to sustainability and the environment, even in supermarkets projects relate to consider these things, do you want with material, either with innovative instruction, such as refills, the possibility of not having to disperse packaging in a little careful. I hope that all these issues are more and more widespread and that companies have increasingly consider the issue of sustainability.

SDM: A solution to the crisis?

GDSM: With the crisis or without the crisis products there will, consequently also the packaging. People and consequently the market require appropriate solutions, one thing I always remember is that in the increasingly longer exists difficulty the same proportion of opportunities.

SDM: How a product communicates with the consumer?

AT: Through a journey that the consumer makes at home - the store - house, this results in a packaging that is developed in terms of material, shape, color, touch can give pleasant sensations, rather than the perfume, even a sound aspect of how you open a cap could lead consumers to appreciate more a product than another, so the packaging has a lot of influence on the purchase of a product, not coincidentally it is also referred to as a silent salesman.

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