Design week wears vintage with Stop & Walk!

Industrial Blue Chair
Design week wears vintage with Stop & Walk! it has been modified: 2013-04-16 di CHILI PR

The past ... never goes out of fashion! The retro design is a must-have for every age, that caters to the previous for inspiration, adapting styles and trends to the atmosphere of the moment. What's more glam that furnish their home with a touch vintage? On you will find many references to pop culture, from music with cutting boards Musicoculinari, television, table with Betsy, that seems straight out of a TV series years' 70!

The mixture of the present, past and future, craftsmanship and technological innovation, is what is the basis of Design Week, Milan dedicated to everything that is furniture, graphics, originality and color, which will saturate the air of creativity from 9 14 to April! Stop & Walk shares this desire to create something new, mixing styles and cultures, so that the products for sale on the website are created by selected companies and emerging artists from all over Europe, using advanced techniques and the combination of different materials.

  • La INDUSTRIAL BLUE CHAIR of choice Stop & Walk, is a chair made of blue metal, comfortable and colorful. The Blues Collection, to which it belongs, has as its concept the color blue, a shade that conveys peace, tranquility, freedom and freshness. Measurements: 85cm x 51cm x 46cm. Made in Spain, it costs € 144,00.
  • Always the Blues Collection, the MAGAZINE RACK BAG BLUE, of Stop & Walk choice, a perfect piece of furniture for any room: with all the freshness of a bright blue and the shine of dolomite, it creates perfect combinations with wood and rush. Made in Germany, it costs € 48,24.

Magazine bag 002

  • La LIBERTY CUP by Katie Alice, chosen by Stop & Walk, is part of a collection of tableware with vintage floral patterns. A decorated porcelain cup, romantic but modern, suitable for enjoying your favorite drink anywhere. Made in the UK, it costs € 17,40.

Liberty Cup

  • The CHOPPING MUSICOCULINARI by Joseph Joseph, chosen by Stop & Walk, are the trendiest and most retro way to prepare your dishes. Made in the United Kingdom, they are multipurpose, resistant and dishwasher safe cutting boards that bring you back to the world of music: you can choose between vinyls, flags, audio cassettes and celebrities like Elvis! Material: glass reinforced with non-slip rubber base; cost between € 13,50 and € 21,00, depending on the model.


  • The collection TELEPHONES OF ALL AGES by Wild & Wolf, chosen by Stop & Walk, offers an original range of telephone sets with a retro design, which will give character to your home! Many models from different eras, produced in the United Kingdom, such as the ScandiPhone New York Mint, which is inspired by the only existing vertical telephone, introduced in Europe in 1950, a perfect example of harmony between functionality and refinement of form, even selected to be part from the collection of MOMA in New York! Also available in white, black and red, it costs € 42,20.

ScandiPhone New York Mint

  • Le LAMPS ALGAE, of Stop & Walk choice, are design objects, perfect for adding a touch of style and illuminating all spaces. Made in Spain, they are made of thermoformed steel sheets, which cover the light beam by diffusing a direct light from below, indirect from above and soft from the sides, for a suggestive atmosphere. Cost: € 799,00. 

Algae Lamp Orange

  • - PINEAPPLE DECORATIVE of choice Stop & Walk, part of the Chill Out Forest collection, are a representation of Scandinavian design, made of beauty and simplicity. Made in Denmark, they are made of terracotta, and mix a rustic, industrial and futuristic style. Cost: € 42,46.

Pineapple Decorative

  • - STICKERS VINYL of Stop & Walk choice, are the last frontier of wall decoration. Easy to apply, they will give a completely different look to any room. Made in Denmark, they cost € 76,70.

Stickers vinyl birds

  • from FURNITURE COLLECTION YEARS '70, of Stop & Walk choice, the Betsy Table is a chic solution to give personality to your living room. A two-level wooden structure, just like it was used in the 70s! Made in Spain, dimensions: 110x60x44 cm. Cost: € 259,00.

Table Betsy

From the 9 14 April walks among the Design Districts Milan for fuorisalone... And then continue your virtual walk on for a truly inimitable home, with an old-fashion yet ultramodern allure at the same time, choose Stop & Walk products!

Be unique, be Stop & Walk! 

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