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Koloo allows you to become a designer and create your own product. Koloo It is a new brand of small Works of furniture: table lamps and wall, shelves, racks, candle holders, mirrors, bio-fireplaces both mobile and wall, coffee tables.

The underlying theme of each piece is the metal structure of the base to which they apply panels of different materials (wood, glass, stone, leather, acrylic, ceramic, metal, corian) that adhere by means of magnetic strips, easily ponibili and removable.
Feature of the system "Koloo" is the interchangeability of the panels: the same structure can be coated, from time to time, with different panels, following the change of furniture and accessories.


The panels can also be purchased in the following periods: always will adapt to the basic structures.
The products Koloo fit harmoniously into any type of interior, from modern to classic thanks to the wide range of materials proposed.

Brand products "Koloo" are entirely made in Italy and you may only buy online here






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