Karen Chekerdjian Studio / Confessional, home office booth

Karen Chekerdjian confessional-01
Karen Chekerdjian Studio / Confessional, home office booth it has been modified: 2013-02-13 di Benedict Flowers

The system designed by Karen Chekerdjian consists of four parts a screen, two tables and a stool, it was originally conceived as an installation for an exhibition held in Beirut, entitled the “House of Today”. At the basis of everything is the concept of confessionalThe semi-see through a mesh screen of aluminum, has been designed as a room divider to create a cocoon of privacy. Equipped with a mirror and hooks, is a perfect addition to any boudoir, becoming a dressing cabinet.

The tables, which are available in both dimensions, make-up table and office, may also be used separately. With a melamine top and held together by a lacquered metal support, the tables are made of solid oak, respecting the general concept of the hidden and revealed.

Karen Chekerdjian confessional-02

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