POP, the iconic VittEr Design® furniture collection by Filippi 1971, designed by Basaglia + Rota Nodari

POP, the iconic VittEr Design® furniture collection by Filippi 1971, designed by Basaglia + Rota Nodari it has been modified: 2021-08-01 di Vincenti Volonté Communication

VittEr Design®, brand of the company Filippi 1971, presents its first collection of POP furniture, designed by architects Basaglia + Rota Nodari.

A line full of elements, such as tables, stools, clothes hangers, libraries, console, reception desks and benches, designed for residential, contract and work environments, and in particular capable of expressing all the potential of VittEr®, the new generation laminate, the beating heart of the brand and the collection.

VittEr®, compact layered laminate, without formaldehyde, antibacterial and 100% Italian supply chain, it was in fact the starting point, the essential element to give shape to objects and arouse an experience, a new "language".

The architects Basaglia + Rota Nodari thus accepted the stimulating challenge of shaping and giving value to the many performances of VittEr®, which makes up the products entirely, designing the first collection of the brand.
The dialogue between material, aesthetics and functionality has therefore given rise to POP, an iconic and contemporary collection, defined by plastic, sinuous shapes and a rhythmic design, involving both in the ethereal total white version and in the colorful, energetic and vitaminic one. underlined by the particularity of VittEr® of being “all color”: each layer that composes it, from the core to the surface, is colored and customizable with multiple shades in thickness; a “full color” that thus goes beyond the usual laminate appearance to approach that of solid materials.

The Alfa coffee tables, the Beta stools, the Pancake system of bookcases, consoles, benches and reception desks, the Ringer and Pertus coat hangers are complements with a high creative rate, immediately recognizable, which offer different interpretations, styles and uses.

POP also looks to the future and expresses VittEr Design®'s desire to be sustainable by applying the concept of circular economy with low environmental impact: VittEr® is in fact completely recyclable, renewable and eco-sustainable (it is produced with cellulose-based paper FSC certified and without the use of additional resins or glues).

Basaglia + Rota Nodari architects tell: "VittEr® is a game, it is an assembly of color sheets cut out and reassembled in space, in which the" micro "stratification of the sheets that compose it is re-proposed in the" macro "layers that form the furnishings and create three-dimensional figures starting from planes in two dimensions. The POP collection looks at the cultural experiences of the Eighties ", continue the architects," but reinterprets them with the gaze of the present, exploiting the technical characteristics of the material to transform them into a simple and direct expressive language ".

Francesca Filippi, VittEr Design® Project Manager, adds: "The POP collection is the result of the perfect understanding with Basaglia + Rota Nodari who also assisted us as Art Directors in the task of revealing the virtues of the versatile VittEr®, through what for us are industrial carpentry works that represent the care for details and for the typical production processes of Made in Italy, of which we are enthusiastic spokespersons ".

Satisfaction for this first collection also in the words of Salvatore Filippi, CEO Filippi 1971, parent company of the VittEr Design® brand, who underlines: "This range of industrial design products achieves the goal of showing one of the possible expressions of VittEr®: we are open to new material developments both in terms of product creativity and application performance in public and private spaces".

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