INCIPIT: APP hangers, design by MATI

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INCIPIT: APP hangers, design by MATI it has been modified: 2014-07-23 di Leide Lanzi

It seems that thehanger APP inspired by the classic hangers. From a simple and recognizable, APP is enhanced by three attacks and a unique positioning and innovative.

Designed by MATI for Incipit is made of oak woodAcquires a character ironic and through the different colored finishes hook.

Full immersion, analysis and daily observations characterize the intense approach to the MATI project. Search for sensations, concepts and stimuli help to fix a thought that then goes to represent in shapes, volumes, models, graphics and sketches. So every MATI project has behind it an adventure, a challenge, an intense moment of internal analysis and of the external world.

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