The new table / stool of LightsOn designed by Studio_Gellner

The new table / stool of LightsOn designed by Studio_Gellner it has been modified: 2013-11-22 di socialdesign magazine

Coffee table or stool? Produced by LightsOn the table / stool L09 is the protagonist of the windows winter Cortina d'Ampezzo. Presented in historical library Sovilla in the Corso Italy, is the gift 100% Made in Cortina for this Christmas.

Designed by Studio_Gellner, Founded by maestro Edoardo Gellner, "the architect of Cortina", Is realized by LightsOn, Start up the laborious northeast Italy that makes its entry into the market and opens its activities in conjunction with the presentation to the public of the table.

Conceived as a set of simple elements that are assembled together, the coffee table summarizes the concept that is the basis of the design philosophy of Studio_Gellner.

"The L09 coffee table was originally designed by Edoardo Gellner in 1958 as an integral part of the furniture project of the Agip Montana Colonia located in the ENI village of Corte di Cadore, commissioned by Enrico Mattei. The complex composition of simple elements has always been the hallmark of Studio_Gellner's way of designing, from design to furniture and architecture: with this philosophy we now present a versatile design coffee table that transforms into a stackable, modular, rich stool of history, capable of adapting to any furnishing context"Explains architect Michele Merlo current owner of the studio.

The little table L09 was conceived as a multifunctional object: it can be single or aggregated for the living area, bookcase column, it can be transformed into a seat for adults (45 cmH) and for children (35 cmH). Made with cultivated woods, it is available raw, therefore without paints; is a compact design object contained in a package with a thickness of only 4 cm.

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