2017 glasses have the dadaist spirit of Dadà eyewear

  • dad eyewear novel karawane collection

    dad eyewear novel karawane collection

  • dad eyewear novel karawane collection

    dad eyewear novel karawane collection

  • will give eyewear model horem

    will give eyewear model horem

  • dadah hay eyewear model

    dadah hay eyewear model

  • will give eyewear cabaret collection with applications

    will give eyewear cabaret collection with applications

  • dad eyewear cabaret collection turn

    dad eyewear cabaret collection turn

  • dad eyewear cabaret collection turn

    dad eyewear cabaret collection turn

2017 glasses have the dadaist spirit of Dadà eyewear it has been modified: 2017-10-11 di Benedict Flowers

The free and irreverent 2017 glasses, from the Dadaist spirit, while maintaining traits of historical patterns.

Dad, brand new eyewear made in italy reworks historical models in a Dadaist key with the use of color, free and irreverent forms and with the addition of glamorous details.

Creativity also emerges from reworking products of common use, deconstructing them and making them, through innovative techniques and expressive genius, subjected to craving. Here is how Dadà is born, the brand made in Italy that commands the art of extravagance and humor.

She gives, like Dadaism, a rejection of reason and logic. In fact, the collections of eyeglasses and sunglasses of the young Italian brand are inspired by Marcel Duchamp's ready-made forms and techniques. Ready done as already done, ready. Dada's philosophy, in fact, is based on making something exceptional "normal", familiar, entered into the collective imagination as natural. Dada has rewritten eyewear models that are part of optics history, such as pantos, butterfly, round eye and glasant, by applying glamorous details, or by emphasizing accentuated color, or still, adding components that completely change the way you wear or use the frame.

The Dadà collections are divided into two lines.

The first, C, his name changed from the famous entertainment venue, founded by one of Dada's fathers, Hugo Ball, writer, theatrical director and German poet. The second, Karawane, is one of the poems of the artist, composed entirely of onomatopoeic and meaningless sounds.

Breaking with the past and multi-faceted creativity, the Cabaret Voltaire and Karawane collections of Dadà express the art of nonsense, applying to linear frames that make them playful.

Cabaret Voltaire, is the line of sunglasses Glasant, per day. Each model is inspired by Dada artists who attended the art container: Tzara, Ray, Picabia, Janco, Duchamp, Selavy, Aragon, Ball, Ernst, Eluard, Wood and Arp. Apparently minimal, these day-to-day displays have unusual details and applications.

Pink, bluish, black and gold rounded mirrors add to the models in which the sunglasses are divided into two by a mirror applied only laterally or at the top, giving rise to a fun optical effect. Each model has auctions and naselli with contrasting, bright, fluorescent colors, which make the typical glasant exceptionally witty. The Dadaists themselves called "assembly technicians", adopting collage techniques to create works of art. And here in Cabaret Voltaire we find the tribute to that procedure, through applications of tiny studs or impalpable carvings in the lens that break the linearity of the frame.

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Karawane Instead, it has six spectacle glasses of essential lines made of matte acetate, enriched with steel rods available in four variants: copper, palladium, gold and black. The names of the models are inspired by the onomatopoeic sounds in poetry: Blago, Habla, Horem, Higo, Anlogo and Bung. And, unexpectedly, the classic frame becomes an eccentric sunglass, by applying a harmonic steel clip featuring elegant metal arabesques that revitalize an extravagant but essential look.

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The KARAWANE collection has literally depopulated in Italy and abroad. The spectacle glasses from the essential lines, made of acetate and embellished with chromium-plated steel rods, copper, palladium, black and gold, are enriched with new versions, made in the ever-elegant tartarugate acetate, presented at SILMO 2017 great French kermesse dedicated to eyewear world.

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The Dada models embrace the movement that revolutionized the art of the First World War even through irreverent terminals, in the form of D and A, while the logo itself is based on the form of the famous "Cadeau" of Duchamp, iron enriched by nails, sparse and naughty. Infinitely innovative, singular and fascinating sensitivity, this is Dada's soul.

Dadà is a brand new, fresh, young, characterized by high quality and chromatic choices of excellence. Hundreds of years after the birth of Dadaism, Dada is a series of sunglasses made in Puglia that celebrates irrationality, anarchy, and rejection of all forms of traditional culture. Tzara said: "Dada means nothing, Dada is a product of the mouth, used to designate what it will be."

Disrespectful, extravagant, unpredictable, Dada is active in life, wants movement, conceives calm only in dynamism. Abandon superfluous to keep the substance tight. This is the vision Dada. Life seen from here, from the summit of an intuition, in the absence of rules, classifications, standards, is pure form, pure color. Dadá is a mocking smile.

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