Design and comfort meet, Elisabetta de Strobel designs the Hōyō armchair

Design and comfort meet, Elisabetta de Strobel designs the Hōyō armchair it has been modified: ‭2019-08-23 di terzomillennium

Eyes on the balance between comfort and design: the Hōyō armchair ("embrace" in Japanese), designed by the interior designer, is born from this concept Elisabetta de Strobel. Soft and enveloping shapes that invite relaxation, Hōyō has a wide and deep seat. It is structured like an architecture with overlapping volumes that delimit a cozy and intimate space in a perfect mix between sartorial tradition and innovation. Hōyō tells the culture of Italian savoir faire, according to the shared principles of comfort, functionality and design Made in Italy. Elisabetta de Strobel has renewed the idea of ​​classic upholstery, implementing a cutting-edge revisitation of shapes and surfaces to create a timeless iconic armchair, a proposal with a strong but refined personality. The Hōyō armchair meets every need, thanks to its marked practicality.

The internal structure is a plywood frame covered in rubber and can be upholstered in leather, eco-leather or fabric of any color. The coating with which Hōyō was conceived is a smooth and opaque grain leather in cream nuance. Even the metal feet of the armchair can be customized, depending on the style to which it is to be combined.

"The armchair is a place of well-being that amplifies the original meaning of a pillow, where you can wait, talk, rest, read, sleep, simply pass the time," said Elisabetta de Strobel. "This seat is perfect both for hotel lobbies and residential areas, from the living room to the reading room or the study, but also to the sleeping area".

The armchair was entirely made by the company Visual M of Faenza, which for over 20 years deals with the design and production of exclusive furniture for hotels, resorts and luxury residences.

Credit photo: Maurizio Marcato

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