Fly Gattoni Rubinetteria. Dress "engineering" and green heart.

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Fly Gattoni Rubinetteria. Dress "engineering" and green heart. it has been modified: 2015-06-10 di Gattoni Rubinetteria Press

The faceted surfaces and essential, then vertical and oblique, reminiscent of the blades of a propeller, the wings of an aircraft: a mechanism engineering generated dall'onirico desire to fly.

With these characteristics and with strong appeal to an industry born out of a dream, the exclusive collection designed by Peter Gaeta Gattoni for taps could only be called Fly or "flight".

The innovative mixer states as the debut of the architect in the design of taps. A landing which has come through collaborations in important projects of architecture, interior design and industrial design, including "House Antonello" Milan, Netherlands Groninger Museum and the Museum of Merone "Urban flower" in Japan.

The research of Gattoni Rubinetteria, aims to develop products whose functionality and aesthetics live together under the aegis of the sensitivity green, finds full expression in Fly. In fact, in addition to boast of a drawing eye-catching, contemporary lines, the mixer allows a new mode of intervention in case of maintenance or replacement of internal parts, on which it is possible to act without disconnecting it from the installation but simply sfilandone the outer casing , which as the cylindrical core, in which are housed all the components necessary for its operation.

This is where the ecological heart of the mixer is located, composed of a latest generation cartridge, only 25 mm in diameter, which allows to optimize consumption and avoid unnecessary energy overloads.

Fly series is available in chrome plated brass and is available in two solutions for sink (with a height of 172 mm and, alternatively, of 352 mm). Listed are also planned: sink wall, bidet, recessed shower / bath, recessed bathtub / shower mixer and shower mixer.

Fly in 2 environment

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