Treemme Rubinetterie / Clip: a cut to the rules

clip 2
Treemme Rubinetterie / Clip: a cut to the rules it has been modified: 2012-10-17 di Benedetto Fiori

"A clean break the rules ..." this is the inspiring thought that gave birth to the shower head CLIP Treemme Rubinetterie. If the rules and design techniques must be well known to be questioned sir, CLIP is the result. Minimal forms and also come together to offer a new and surprising aesthetic solution.

The designer Danilo Fedeli goes even in the use of different materials such as solid surface and brass, with a proposal that is fascinating for simplicity and for the unusual relationship established with the object. CLIP is imposed for his strong personality, a feverish and almost narcissistic exaltation of 'ego that resides in each of us. Much research is hidden inside white body of the head, where sensitivity to the environment and to save water plugs remain immovable.

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