Behind ... FRONT! Axor / Hansgrohe redraws the shower!

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Behind ... FRONT! Axor / Hansgrohe redraws the shower! it has been modified: 2014-05-17 di jessica zannori

Retro inspiration and fascination of industrial design characterize the new elements Shower Axor ShowerProducts by Front,

born from the successful partnership between Axor, the designer brand of Hansgrohe, and the trio Swedish Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren Front Design.

"We wanted to focus primarily on functionality, ergonomics and ease of use, while rediscovering the charm of pipes, hoses, valves and funnels" explains Charlotte von der Lancken Front Design.

The project provides Axor ShowerProducts 5 elements for the shower area: hand shower, hand shower kit with pole kit with shower head and hand shower on adjustable rod, overhead ceiling and wall.

The hand shower is simple yet unusual, in its conical shape that recalls the mouth dell'annaffiatoio. The dispenser (85mm diameter) has only a powerful rain shower. Super traditional. Each nozzle ends with a coating of soft silicone to mechanically remove any residues of limestone. A practical shower set involves the insertion of the shower pole and sliding support.

In the most complete version of the kit it allows completely renovate the shower with a shower head height adjustable, support for hand shower and an innovative faucet body that allows you to select the temperature by a knob and turn flows (also simultaneously) of shower head and shower through two knobs positioned intuitively directly in relation to one or the other.

The shower head, Orientable 180 °, has a diameter of 240mm and a water flow rate of 17 l / m while the shower head, equipped with a single powerful jet and cylindrical practical for rinsing and cleaning, has a consumption of 9 l / m . The practical 'cone' that characterizes the shape of the shower head can be grasped and manually oriented in 360 ° to direct the jet or move in the opening phase of the water. It also has a central button to change the jet from 'normal' rain in airy and fluffy.

The shower head finally provides a simple attack on the ceiling or wall with arm 448 150 ° rotatable mm and a kit.

The collection is characterized by a great ease of use. The control knobs of Showerpipe, for example, positioned in correspondence of the rod of the shower and flexible, recall and symbology form of a valve: open vertical, horizontal closed. To make it even more intuitive operation of the shower, also, all the elements with a function are knurled.

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