C _LOUNGE the new contract seating system designed by Francesco Venuti Italy to ZAD

C LOUNGE 2P black
C _LOUNGE the new contract seating system designed by Francesco Venuti Italy to ZAD it has been modified: 2015-01-26 di jessica zannori

C _LOUNGE is the first series of meetings of the complete system produced by ZAD Italy Grosseto and designed by the designer Francesco Venuti

The main feature is the sitting relaxed, C _LOUNGE not limited to being only an overstuffed couch, but comes in a series of combined elements that give rise to organic compositions and respond to every need of placement.

Il designer Francesco Venuti was able to use the patented material Adamantx so far unexplored, in fact, using it as a structural material can easily do custom compositions.

Generally in the production of sofas sculptures using molds that limit the ability to custom made, however, the elements of the system C_Lounge are shaped by machines directly following the design 3D, so create the "custom made" does not imply extra costs, so that the definition of "special piece" may be less, freeing architects and interior designers from dimensional constraints and economic limits.


Because the system is complete voted for contract uses materials certified for fire resistance in both the structure of the padding in foam; which are then covered in leather or fabrics certified.


C LOUNGE museum

In the future it is expected the output of a second series more compact characterized by a straight posture and a third series consists of pouf and day bed; both series will have the same freedom of configuration in the system LOUNGE.

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