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Binta by Philippe Bestenheider - MOROSO it has been modified: +2013 di

The armchair Binta di Philippe Bestenheider to defaulting is characterized by simplicity trattie from African tradition to reworked.

Its sculptural form reminds us objects African craft but made from soft polyurethane rubber making up. Binta like a baobab supports land with its generous and shapely lines, recalling a little too precisely this plant again African.

"Binta comes from a look at the African world. Its sculptural form refers to African wooden objects, but those forms are made soft because made of polyurethane rubber. As a baobab tree, Binta rests on the ground with generous curves exhibiting its elegance recalling the heaviness of a baobab. Its coating is given by the composition of tissues Wax, traditionally worn by African women. This patchwork of contrasts emphasizes the morphology of the chair of which volumes are wrapped and sculpted. The composition of fabrics offers a variety of color contrasts infinite enhancing the shape of the product. The joy of color contrasts, which draws on the tradition of the fabrics and combinations of the African world, refer to the tailoring of women's clothes; as if Binda were a Senegalese woman ready to wear and enhance the chromatic fervor of Africa ".

Varied are the possibility of customization then color, you can create patchwork that will certainly color tones and joy in living but also arricchendoun input or a corridor. A practice session, but also a form that does design and decor with its sculptural lines as a totem contemporary.

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