ALBED INTEGRA, the true flush door, preview Furniture Fair 2013

ALBED INTEGRA, the true flush door, preview Furniture Fair 2013 it has been modified: 2013-03-28 di jessica zannori

ALBED, The company that produces 1964 doors, modular walls and furniture of the highest quality, has patented a new and innovative concept of Flush door: INTEGRA, designed by the Research and Development Centre. A hinged door with concealed hinges adjustable on three axes "That arises from the wall, from which it receives the materials and values, but above all continuity and thickness." 

INTEGRA allows creating a linear effect that makes it almost invisible door on the wall. The feature that makes this model unique is the fact of being able to be coated on both sides to "blend in" with the surface better. The structure is made of aluminum and can be declined for materials or finishes depending on the architectural requirements. The versatility of the door INTEGRA you with version plasterboard, which allows infinite customization possibilities.

It can also be provided directly on site, assembled and finished according to the design specifications. E 'arranged to mount any type of handle with door closer, integrated in the hinges, Draft excluders lower for better sound insulation and electrified locks. The structure may also contain various absorption materials.
An innovation, an exclusive door, the real Flush!






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