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Perpetuo and Nanetto, artifacts on paper at Design Week

Perpetuo and Nanetto, artifacts on paper at Design Week it has been modified: 2019-04-04 di bloomcomunicazione

From Bodoni to the modernism of Haas Grotesk, apostrophes of typography in paper artifacts that mark time and view. Hence the project of Artemia, a graphic and photographic studio in Venice that imagines, creates and transforms brand design projects, defending and enhancing them.
Perpetuo and Nanetto are paper artifacts that tell of artisan and design knowledge.

Perpetuo is a calendar with a simple look, because he is not the protagonist of the story, but only the silent narrator of a fleeting time. A calendar without a beginning and an end, there are not the months, the years, but only the days and the passing of time. Hour after hour, through the shadows that are created and bloom throughout the day, to establish with the environment and the observer a visual story aimed at enhancing the present.

It is possible to choose between two different magnets, the brass or red ring version, to be affixed to day and month number.

"Before the pixels, the apps, Google and Wikipedia, - says Tommaso Gentile, Artemia's CEO - were the books to be messengers of culture and entertainment. An artisan and design knowledge born of printing 5 millions of books in Venice with Von Speyer, Manuzio and Griffo. Over the centuries, thanks to the genius of Giambattista Bodoni, they illuminate Italy all over the world. We are the home of creativity, culture and design. But we are dwarves sitting on the shoulders of these and other giants that we want to honor in an artifact vehicle of emotions. "

Hence the name Nanetto which, through a path made of light, shadow and technique, slowly comes to life and is filled with a warm ambient light. Proposed in six versions, each linked to an interpretation of life and associated with a precise color, Nanetto is a piece of furniture that can be hung on the wall or placed on a support.

The creations signed Artemia will be exhibited, on the occasion of Design Week from the 8 to the 14 April, in the Spazio S in via Olona, ​​in the Santambrogio area, within the exhibition "BASIC CELL, evolutionary design exhibition". Basic Cell is an annual design exhibition that narrates the evolution of objects in relation to a contemporary lifestyle, which pays particular attention to works unique for quality of workmanship, which respect the environment and the quality of slow living.

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