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MoaCasa 2019: the kitchen is dressed in new materials in the name of eco-sustainability

MoaCasa 2019: the kitchen is dressed in new materials in the name of eco-sustainability it has been modified: +2019 di francescapress

The contemporaneity of a style passes through the awareness of the world in which one lives and the home environment tells a lot about those who live there.

Especially the kitchen, the beating heart of the space and the true protagonist of the living, which is rediscovered green, environmentally friendly and recyclable in the latest models proposed by the market.

To find out how to renew living, from 26 October to 3 November MoaCasa 2019 presents the news and trends in the furniture and design sector with the proposals of exhibitors and furniture makers from different regions of Italy: for the 45a edition of the event organized by MOA Società Cooperativa, there are over 250 companies present in the three pavilions of the Fiera di Roma with high quality solutions for all tastes and for all the rooms of the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen, from the living area to the sleeping area.

Particular attention is paid to the kitchen as an interpretation of a philosophy of life and, far from being simply a place used for the preparation and consumption of meals, capable of responding to needs of various kinds, depending on whether one seeks in it a moment of conviviality, relaxation, concentration, fun or something else. Today, the search for a sustainable lifestyle, determined by the growing awareness of the possible risks deriving from waste or the use of materials with a strong environmental impact, contributes in particular to influencing the choice of furnishings.

On show at MoaCasa 2019 is a collection of kitchens with an ecological soul characterized by designer furnishings, which stand out for the choice of highly innovative finishes and materials. An example? The brand new Fenix ​​NTA®, a super opaque, anti-fingerprint, scratch and abrasion resistant material, antistatic, anti-mold, anti-bacterial and water-repellent, made with the aid of nanotechnologies and latest-generation resins. Then there is a return to the use of materials that help warm the environment, such as Gres and scratched walnut, while the door structure is composed of a recyclable 100% aluminum frame (today in the new Black and Champagne), to which the panel of the chosen finish is applied. An opportunity for customization that leaves room for the creation of compositions in numerous style variations.

Meet a green, eco-friendly and recyclable soul the kitchen in ecomalta finish, an innovative material that covers built-in columns and table top, while bases and sides are in white super matt lacquer. The overall view is interrupted with refinement by the oak open compartments, which create the right contrast of color and which, at the same time, allow the space to be optimized to the full, giving a touch of dynamism and elegance to the composition.

The tendency is to not propose a kitchen model but an infinite number of solutions starting from a single program, able to satisfy every design requirement and propose an extremely flexible and customizable system, able to accept the challenges both in the compositional freedom of the modularity and accessories

both in the finishes. Stainless steel is thus proposed integrated with the most diverse and innovative materials, including glass, PaperStone® (a light material made of fibers obtained at 100% from recycled paper and cardboard mixed with natural resins), Fenix ​​Ntm®, the Corian and the glossy and matt lacquer. The evolution and the research then on the processing of cut wood allowed to use essences with notoriously representative characteristics of solid wood, such as knots and cracks, thus making each kitchen unique and unrepeatable.

They are inspired by a relaxed lifestyle, in contact with nature and with art, the compositions with the great choice of finishes and arrangement of the furnishing elements, kitchens characterized by versatility and the push towards modernity, which manages to combine functional elements inspired by industrial New York, combinations of unusual materials and details designed ad hoc for a refined elegance. Space therefore to defined but light volumes that configure a kitchen that borders on the living (to the point of accommodating inside a modular bookcase), in line with the new trends of modern living, where the need for a greater personalization of the home and a refined and enveloping aesthetic.

Creativity and customization are key words also for the kitchen project that chooses ceramic in the Silk Liquorice finish for doors and tops, where the minimal style blends with careful research on materials, thus reaching a precious and refined composition, with a contemporary soul and cutting-edge technology. A revolutionary concept that uses pure porcelain stoneware slabs characterized by a large size and minimum thickness, totally Made in Italy. Furthermore, Fenix® finds its use in kitchens that marry the properties of the self-repairing material against surface scratches (thanks to the nano particles it is made of) to the natural and avant-garde flavor of micalised lacquering: an effect of intense brilliance given by mica , natural mineral of extreme luster.

To give the house the perfect look for the holidays, in the kitchen and not, after the success of the 2018 edition it returns in MoaCasa 2019 the area dedicated to holidays with "Christmas in the Square": on display, in the 3 pavilion, a space where to find traditional solutions alongside the most innovative in terms of decorations, light decorations and lanterns, objects for the home and for the person, linen and tableware, candles and fragrances, paper, ribbons and bows and much more. Everything you need to prepare yourself (and calmly) to welcome the magic of Christmas, in a very suggestive scenic setting, inspired by an emblematic place for the festivities of the Capital: Piazza Navona. Visitors - more than 80mila at each edition - will thus be able to walk around the stands and find many ideas to give the environment a new idea of ​​creative design, according to the style and taste of each one.

For more information
MOACASA 2019 From 26 October to November 3
Fiera di Roma - Fiumicino East Entrance
weekdays - free admission, h. 15: 00-20: 00
Saturdays and holidays - entrance 10 euro, h. 10: 00-20: 00

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