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LIVONI: passion chairs from 1895

LIVONI: passion chairs from 1895 it has been modified: 2015-02-24 di Greta Lomaestro

Livoni Chairs, Friuli-based company active 120 years, is one of the leading Italian design for the production of chairs and furniture.

Have passed well 120 years since Edward Livoni founded historian laboratory Livoni Chairs, And from that moment the quality, passion and refined design of its products were the guarantee of business success.

From small craft store you pass in the sixties in an expansion plan, with workers and 120 60 straw shredder, and the organization of the production structure in a real company: in addition to the more traditional chairs are also added chairs, tables and stools .

Over the years there are many awards won by the company, demonstrating how the passion for their work, the competence and the continuous search for a balance between innovation and tradition are the necessary ingredients for success.

Livoni Chairs, quell'artigianato symbol of Made in Italy that made our country famous all over the world, not only manages to give life to sessions of great design and sophisticated style, but is able to decline its products according to the needs of each customer: the company, in fact, provides a wide range of customization and editing to make each piece Livoni perfect and unique.

"If a company is able to communicate with the heart's passion for their craft, can only be successful." Says Maurizio Zilio, Manager Company LIVONI Chairs. "It 's important to keep up with the new trends in materials, technologies and trends, to always offer the customer what they want, all creating quality products, real trademark of Livoni Chairs."

A product that is born also thanks to the continuous collaboration of a team of designers who participate in the creative design phase, collaborating in the conception of each single product thanks to the deep knowledge of the most recent techniques or trends in the design sector.


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