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The air conditioner with fronatle panel Alcantara®

Alcantara for Daikin Finish Tropicalia 001
The air conditioner with fronatle panel Alcantara® it has been modified: 2015-06-05 di Benedict Flowers

Union of excellence of style and the leading company in the air conditioning systems comes the limited edition of Daikin Emura with customization Alcantara®, An element of unique and exclusive furniture.

Daikin, Japanese multinational world leader in air conditioning systems, in collaboration with Alcantara, a company that distributes worldwide the same name and innovative material, presents the new limited edition Alcantara® for Daikin, designed specifically for Daikin Emura, the icon of residential air conditioning.

Daikin Emura is dressed in Alcantara®: from now will be possible to customize the front panels, choosing from thirty precious finishes. A real work of design, an air conditioner which becomes an element of even more exclusive and unique furniture, which makes use of the experience and excellence of Italian craftsmanship.

The exclusive range of Daikin Emura, perfect fusion between the refined and elegant aesthetics and the most advanced technology, could only choose a cutting-edge materials such as Alcantara®: resistant, durable and lightweight, and versatile while. Result of a unique and modern technology, Alcantara® is able to guarantee aesthetic performance, technical and sensory that no other material is able to offer; the result of Daikin Emura enhances its elegant profile, slim and aerodynamic.

The limited edition Alcantara® for Daikin redefines climate in the world of interior design, evolving into a unique piece of furniture and unprecedented. The perfection of the Daikin Emura profile becomes an exclusive work in the hands of the craftsman who will play Alcantara®, able to be declined in an infinite number of customizations with the ability to choose the texture and the style that best fits the design of house.

Each panel will be coated by hand and made to order. Delivery times take about five weeks and not be more than 220 thousand annually products. Aesthetics and functionality, strength and lightness: Daikin Emura and Alcantara® have created an air conditioner capable of offering a real sensory experience. If the design of Daikin Emura delight the view and the technology allows for a more ideal temperature, thanks to Alcantara® the climate becomes a pleasure to touch.

Alcantara for Daikin Finish Fly High 001

Alcantara for Daikin Finish Fly High 002

Alcantara for Daikin Finish Fly High 003

Alcantara for Daikin Finish Savile Row 001

Alcantara for Daikin Finish Savile Row 002

Alcantara for Daikin Finish Savile Row 003

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