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Foot Bath, the new oscillator to the care of the feet and legs:

dornbracht Foot Bath 2
Foot Bath, the new oscillator to the care of the feet and legs: it has been modified: 2014-07-15 di Leide Lanzi


In tune with the "Transforming Water" concept, Dombracht presents footbath, the new electronics module for the care of feet and legs:

special dispensing points and digital controls allow you to create a "tailor-made" experience. The scenarios stimulate, according to the principles of foot reflexology, some specific points to induce a general feeling of well-being and relaxation.

RELAX: calms the body, spirit and soul with the energy of water. A slow, targeted warm-up promotes blood circulation, helping to release muscle tension. While the water rises gently, from the ankle to the calf, the circulation is regularized, while the head and body are pervaded by a pleasant sense of lightness.

VITALIZE: vitalizes, stimulates, and frees. Rising from the feet, the energy returns to flow without obstacles, for a sensation of freshness that envelops the whole body. The alternation of different temperatures stimulates specific points on the sole of the foot, while the progressive intensity of the pressure of the jets acts on the activation of the nervous system. The senses receive a burst of energy that is expressed in a profound feeling of well-being.

dornbracht Foot Bath 1

In addition to the scenarios, two preset comfort functions allow a practical and safe dispensing of water in the desired quantity: at the height of the ankle or calf. The temperature of 38 ° C is pleasant on the skin. At the base of the scenarios and the comfort functions of Foot Bath there are three special dispensing points, specifically designed for the needs of the foot bath.

The WaterFall with Pearistream features a wide outlet for an extremely soft feel on the skin. Its single parallel jets allow a soft and extraordinarily pleasant contact of the water on the epidermis.

The hand shower can be used to precisely wet individual areas of the foot of the calf, for example for Kneipp jets, while the four nozzles at the bottom of the tub stimulate the soles of the feet. In addition, the new digital control via Smart Tools offers an additional element of comfort compared to traditional mechanical controls. It is possible to control with a simple gesture the exact quantity and temperature of the water using two knobs: the first regulates the activation of the water supply and the pop-up cap, while the second allows the selection of the comfort functions for the automatic filling of the tank and for scenarios. Structured as a ready-to-use compact unit, Fooit Bath can be installed quickly and streamlined according to the "plug-and-play" principle. The overall dimensions of the unit correspond to 920x700mm, while the installation height varies thanks to the adjustable feet.

The unit can be covered with the desired materials, such as marble, natural stone, wood and tiles, to match the style of the bathroom. The FootBath unit includes a white enamelled steel tub available fall 2013.

The mechanical controls are available with a choice of chrome or platinum, while the Digital Smart Tools are offered in chrome, platinum and platinum satin.

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