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The Brazilian designers are the protagonists of an exclusive event in Milan fashion week

The Brazilian designers are the protagonists of an exclusive event in Milan fashion week it has been modified: 2019-09-17 di Benedetto Fiori

The Consulate General of Brazil in Milan and Leonor Cypriano's Senato 13 showroom organize a new presentation of Brazilian talent in the fashion capital.

Coconut Water, Amanda Medrado, Matri e Room have the Brazilian 100% DNA; the brand Jenny Monteiro it has its roots in Italy, but its founder also comes from the great South American country. This quintet of feminine brands will represent excellence and green-gold inventiveness during Milan Fashion Week, in an initiative organized by the Consulate General of Brazil and the Senato 13 showroom of the entrepreneur Leonor Cypriano.

On Wednesday 18 September, from 19 pm to 22 pm, the space - whose name indicates one of the most elegant streets in the city - will host the "BRAZIL SUMMER FASHION MILAN", a conceptual and exclusive event, created for the first time to present the creations for summer 2020 of these five brands led by Brazilian designers.

It is a debut for Água de Coco, Amanda Medrado, Matri and Room, while Jenny Monteiro is already at her fourth participation in one of the most important fashion week on the world scene. “Brazilian fashion has great potential and our goal is to insert and position national brands in the Italian market, making them stand out internationally thanks to the resonance offered by the local fashion week. We also take the opportunity to enhance talents who are already building a path here and represent our creative capacity very well. This presentation is an important starting point for more Brazilian professionals to achieve recognition abroad in the future "said the Consul General of Brazil a
Milan, Ambassador Eduardo dos Santos.

For Leonor Cypriano , which since 2011 has been collaborating with established designers and looking for new talents on the Brazil-Italy axis, this is it the beginning of a new era for Brazilian fashion in Milan. “We will present creations that confirm what our designers, from the north to the south of the country, are creative, rich in personality and able to excel on the global scene. And, moreover, the participation of a fashion designer already rooted in Milan only reinforces the certainty that this goal can be achieved "says the talent scout.

When the door of the showroom opens, the public of buyers, specialist journalists and other operators in the sector will be catapulted into a tropical atmosphere, which will alleviate the feeling of melancholy that accompanies the end of summer. A refined explosion of typically Brazilian colors, scents, flavors and music will set the tone for the event where the five brands will showcase a mix of looks including clothing, beachwear and accessories.

The beginners Água de Coco, Amanda Medrado, Matri and Room will also participate in another pioneering initiative in favor of Brazilian fashion during the Milan Design Week, as they will be part of a group of seven companies that from the 19 to the 22 September they will exhibit at the White Show , at the 130 mq stand sponsored by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Relations, through the Commercial Promotion Sector of the Consulate General of Brazil in Milan.

The prestigious womenswear trends fair, promoted in the dynamic Zona Tortona , receives approximately every year 27.000 visitors, including the most influential international buyers. It is worth mentioning that Água de Coco was also chosen to appear on “Shareable”, a project for the production of video and photo content for social networks, created by the team of the renowned magazine Vogue Italia, which highlights some of the brands present at the White Show.

For its realization, the "BRAZIL SUMMER FASHION MILAN" event at the Senato 13 showroom will be supported by Cantina Ricchi (, Casa Nova (, Wild Wood di Zuccolotto (, Purho Milano (, Cachaça Pirassununga 21 ( and Just Tours Agency (

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