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Open Innovation South Tyrol: Competition "Let's put them in the bag!" until 19 December 2013

Open Innovation South Tyrol: Competition "Let's put them in the bag!" until 19 December 2013 it has been modified: 2013-11-25 di socialdesign magazine

The online platform â € œOpen Innovation Alto Adigeâ € invites interested parties to tenth innovative contest. The project started dallÂ'APA (Provincial Association dellÂ'Artigianato).

the bakery Moser Sas based in Olang, is a manufacturing company that in addition to fresh bread produces above all high quality biscuits and jams. Thanks to the reputation gained inside but also outside the borders of South Tyrol, € ™ s company produces biscuits that are sold throughout Italy, Austria and Germany. by means of a competition dâ € ™ innovation, The flagship bakery now change the packaging of its biscuitsOn one hand filled box with cellophane bag and custom bow, which is the dellÂ'impresa brand, € ™ s goal is to switch to a package that you can fill in semi-automatic or fully automatic mode. The dellÂ'operazione goal is an increase in production to meet the growing demand for the product. The biscuits will also be visible in the package and must not lose their typical character.

Designers, creative and all stakeholders are invited to create, discuss and develop innovative designs. share your ideas on the theme â € œNew packaging for cookiesâ € to the platform and win fantastic prizes worth a total of â,¬ 1450.

Participation à © simple: Register on the site, Let you inspire and upload your contributions on the platform. Contributions can be submitted using sketches and drawings, photographic material, complete projects and written texts until December 19 2013.  









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