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Nectaris COCKTAILS DESIGN AWARD 2014 it has been modified: 2013-12-17 di jessica zannori

Are open to the selections the First International contest Nectaris Cocktails Design Award, International event dedicated to the culture of signature cocktails to responsible drinking, and the taste and the art osservarzione liquid element as prepared by hand ... here are the details for participation:

The call is open to all PROFESSIONALS who study or profession are engaged in the field of FOOD & BEVERAGE.

Those interested are asked to request an application for participation in or download the announcement of the competition here

Recipes / projects / names / titles of cocktails submitted must be in line with the philosophy of the categories of Nectaris COCKTAILS DESIGN AWARD shown here:


  1. Cocktails & Fashion (signature cocktails, jewelry and Fashion Design)
  2. Cocktails & Cinema & lifestyle (signature cocktails ... a cinematic experience) 3 -Cocktails & ARTs (signature cocktails with installations and ART)

During the weekends between April 26 27 2014 EOn the occasion of FLORENCE DESIGN WEEK, A new event will involve the most prestigious restaurants, hotels and art galleries in the historic center of Florence. Involving an international audience in a new way of experiencing the world of cocktails, contaminating fashion, creativity, style to an exclusive and drink.

A Cocktail artfully, A festival that will attract the best barmen, the most sensational choreography and all fans of the genre. The key idea of ​​the event is to promote responsible drinking responsibly, sophisticated and fun, the fusion of signature cocktails with contemporary art, design and video; relying on the creativity of artists, invited Barmans and the careful evaluation of a jury, the public can vote for the most creative and eclectic cocktail, which will participate in an awards ceremony at the end of the weekend and the final at the IBIZA 5 and 6 September 2014 with COCKTAILS DESIGN AWARD.

How and when to have a drink, Nectaris will create a new event, raising the liquid element in multicolored sphere of style and creativity ... Between Art, music and drinks "copyright"; the drinking culture that is trendy. The there or not being there will make a difference.

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