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Digital Wood, forty-seventh Formabilio design contest

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Digital Wood, forty-seventh Formabilio design contest it has been modified: 2015-05-08 di Benedict Flowers

Formabilio launches - with the special contribution of Stefano Caggiano - Digital Wood,

the forty-seventh international contest dedicated to designers and furniture enthusiasts from around the world.

It has until June 18 2015 to send their projects of furniture, lamps and accessories for the home.

Which kicks off today Digital Wood, the forty-seventh international contest - aimed at designers from around the world - launched by Formabilio, the Italian brand of furniture, lamps and furniture that supports the eco-design shared and made in Italy and promotes projects and aspiring designers through online contests.

The transition now under way towards a world dematerialized wood is proving to be a key material for "tie" design solid state digital design. On the one hand, in fact, wood is a material as old as man; the other its lightness "anthropological" well suited to the light taste of digital, not only as a technology but also as implementation of new system of gestures that integrates itself the digital terminals (rummaging in the tablet while sitting on the couch watching television, support the smartphone on the first bearing surface coming into the house, forget it access, etc.).

In this perspective, the competition invites you to think about wood as a material bridge between digital and real, called to "warm up" the digital through its inclusion in the behavioral dimension inscribed furnishings. In particular, participants are invited to design accessories such as chairs, tables, bookcases, furniture shelves, lamps, etc., Whether from daily support to the new digital sensibility, integrating In furnishing wood technological elements of device support or only providing a response to new aesthetic habits of behavior which build on them.

Special contributor to the design and the brief of the contest was Stefano Caggiano, design critic and interpreter of the new languages ​​of the project, which will exceptionally part of the Technical Commission of Formabilio for this contest. Caggiano is particularly concerned with how the aesthetics of objects incorporating certain cultural meanings in relation to the social and anthropological reference. He works with the consulting firm NextAtlas as researcher and trend curator, writes for "Inside" articles on the new design languages ​​and teaches at several universities including the design NABA in Milan, Free University of Bolzano and ISIA of Faenza.

The designer of the winning projects identified by the jury of Formabilio will be entitled to a fee of 7% on the sale of products on

Information about the contest:

The project applications must be sent - by using the appropriate section of the site -from hours 10: 00 7 May 2015 of the 18: 00 the 18 2015 June. Voting will close at 18: 00 the 25 2015 June and the winners will be announced by July 26 2015.

For an insight into the requirements and participate in the contest:

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