A "green" redevelopment for the ancient Piazza Garibaldi in the heart of Cagliari

A "green" redevelopment for the ancient Piazza Garibaldi in the heart of Cagliari it has been modified: 2019-02-21 di Vincenti Volonté Communication

The historic and central Piazza Garibaldi in Cagliari, of over 6.000 square meters, a meeting place for the capital, has been redeveloped to make it welcoming and liveable by the entire community: enlarged, with more greenery, without architectural barriers, equipped with a play area for children, drinking fountains and wooden walkways under the historic trees.

The project redefines the identity of the square, enhancing it on a functional and aesthetic level, using natural materials such as stone, iron and wood. In this context, the flooring of the green area, about 1.000 square meters, shaded by large trees, assumes considerable importance: for this area the natural wood Ipe Lapacho of Deco.

The finish, as desired by the client, fits perfectly into the context: from the aesthetic point of view it is elegant and unique in its pleasant shades of tone and, moreover, meets all the needs of functionality as highly resistant to an intense daily traffic, long-lived and without the need for ordinary maintenance.

Ipe Lapacho by Déco is a hard and compact exotic solid wood, guaranteed for years 35 by the installation immune to humidity, parasites and stresses to which, in most countries, the same class of fire resistance of the concrete is assigned. The slats, from 21 x 100 cm, have been laid with smooth side and visible screws.

As stated by Paolo Damiani, one of the three partners of the company: “Déco, for this prestigious and highly exposed urban intervention, proposed Ipe Lapacho as a natural essence that offers extraordinary compactness, wear resistance, durability and an evident aesthetic value. The cladding is also combined with the other materials used for the intervention, thus contributing to creating that place of conviviality and functional and pleasant aggregation that Piazza Garibaldi set out to become for the city of Cagliari ".

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