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MIRAGE CONTEST "A round for the ceramic and the territory"

Mirage Contest
MIRAGE CONTEST "A round for the ceramic and the territory" it has been modified: 2014-10-21 di The Mirage,

The Mirage,, International leading company in the production of porcelain stoneware Made in Italy, with the sponsorship of the City of Pavullo in Frignano, Launches contest "A ROUND FOR CERAMICS AND TERRITORY",

aims to search for new and original ideas for of 'furniture design on the roundabout opposite the entrance of the Company, on the SS 12, the main access point to the Frignano territory.

A contest mode crowdsourcing , Which aims to search for a new project can reinterpret the use of porcelain stoneware in non-conventional.

For the construction of the roundabout, the City of Pavullo and Mirage have chosen to make inquiries through the network designers, planners and architects Italians and foreigners, who can submit their creative solution in terms of concept and design solutions.

Designers are required to use as a main subject, the porcelain Mirage and respect the two main aims of the competition: promote the history and territorial peculiarities of the Frignano region, nestled within the 'Apennine Promoting the value of the settlement ceramic room referred Mirage is an international reference.

To enter the contest, you must register on the site Subjecting their projects in digital format no later than November il15 2014.

The jury will choose the project that stands in relation to the criteria of the nature of the project proposal, feasibility of the proposed solution and relevance to the concept "ceramics and territory." The outcome of the contest will be published on the official website as of December 01 2014.

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