Table Xradio 2 Disk Blue | Black Diesel with Moroso


The low table Xradio Disc plays on the plane radiography of a DJ console, a symbol of nightlife and partying.


The famous Italian brand of ready-to-wear Diesel "has now won our interiors with furnishing collection" Successful Living "! Dyed denim type Wood, black leather studded, moving to music workshop revisited, low style console table DJ ... a rock universe, industrial and vintage for a casual style and nonconformist! Successful Living is the first of signed furniture collection Diesel in collaboration with Moroso, the most renowned company of furnishings in the design.Un union world at the highest levels This collection combines the great creativity of the Diesel Creative Team with the quality of production at Moroso.Ispirata brand universe underground music and the urban one, Successful Living revolutionized the furniture world! the collection plays with the fashion trends and reflects perfectly the spirit Diesel: one maverick style, ironic and creativo.La music to X-rays ... the low table Xradio Disc plays on the plane radiography of a DJ console, a symbol of festivities and life notturna.Allo same way, the colors are those of the night, with shades ranging from electric blue to black ... The floor with painted glass plate, the 12 mm thick, has a printed technical interposta.Questa film creates a magnificent play of colors and trasparenze.Vero framework, this table from 'enigmatic appearance is of great impact visivo.Questo amazing piece will give a unique touch to your home decor! the base is made of steel wire with a finish color "Raw Black" .It splits for a very graphic effect. (Dimensions: L 140 cm x width. 70 29 cm x H cm).