Diesel with Moroso

Diesel with Moroso: a combination created to create original and unique furnishing accessories, which reflect an important trend in contemporary living. On the one hand, the desire to fully enjoy one's spaces; on the other, the need to express oneself through bold lines, exotic patterns or single-color fabrics.

The Diesel style and the Moroso design: desire for freedom and concreteness

One of the factors that characterize the productions of Diesel with Moroso concerns the constant search for quality materials, first of all the denim, which in the armchairs and sofas is now plain, in the colors of beige, ocher and cobalt, now based dark with exotic patterns, which play down the linearity of shapes and geometries with originality.

Welcome with style: the idea behind the projects

The rationale that underlies the design projects that arise from the collaboration between Diesel and Moroso is to create beautiful, quality objects that know how to create hospitality with a light and enigmatic air, depending on the models. The balance is always respected, in all creations, from the tables to the double bed, from the sofa to the living room furniture: the metal structures marry perfectly with the fabrics with full and bright colors, without ever exceeding, guaranteeing, at the same time, a comfort that does not disappoint expectations.