Optic glove - With Transparent door design Patrick Jouin for Kartell




A suffused subject of emotions created by Patrick Jouin, a faceted cube is transparent and reflective, which thanks to an incredible play of colors and reflections creates a special atmosphere. The surface is decorated with square based pyramids, slightly in relief, thanks to the mirrored or transparent finish, create a fantastic visual effect. Optic is a cube of side 41 cm of PMMA (acrylic) that offers the possibility of multiple combinations: you can pull over various Optic, stack them or place them in order to create linear or vertical compositions. Depending on the amount and disposition, lend themselves to different uses according to your imagination: bedside table, complement to the sofa, shelves, binder, attached ... Optic is available in different colors 6, which lets you create different color compositions and shapes . This version of Optic with door is opened and closed at will. Optics is also available in version without open firebox door. Stackable - Indoor and outdoor