Bon Jour Unplugged Wireless Table Lamp - / Transparent LED | White design Philippe Starck for Flos


An ultra contemporary minimalist design for this wireless wandering lamp, signed by Philippe Stark.


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A truly contemporary minimal design for this wireless nomadic lamp, signed Philippe Stark. Entirely made of PMMA and available in truly chic metallic finishes, Bon Jour plays with transparency and color, with full and empty spaces. This wireless lamp moves according to your needs: a small ambient lamp in a living room or hall, as a night lamp in the bedroom, it will be perfect for creating a soft light atmosphere on the table during meals. Equipped with a micro USB port, this wireless lamp is recharged with connection to the electrical socket or via computer (charger and battery included). Once recharged, it diffuses a soft light that can last up to 6 hours, depending on the intensity chosen. A touch dimmer located on the base allows you to vary the intensity of the light with a simple gesture (4 positions). Thanks to the revolutionary “Edge Lighting” technology, the ultra-flat LED light source is almost invisible. This ultra-thin luminous disc is placed under the shade cap. It fully expresses the capabilities of the LED with a minimum thickness and guarantees a perfectly uniform light, optimal performance and efficacy. The on / off switch is located under the base. Wireless lamp with sensitive dimmer on the base (4 intensities) - Micro rechargeable battery - USB (Includes: battery, USB-C charging cable, charger block) - Autonomy: 6 hours - On / off switch under the base - Technology LED source Integrated Edge Lighting (not replaceable): 2700K 250lm CRI90 2,5W - Direct light - IP20

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