Boîte Machine Collection / For spaghetti - H x Ø 13,8 29,7 cm White Diesel living with Seletti


tableware collection with a rock spirit, industrial and unique.


The famous brand of ready to wear Diesel finally comes to your table with this incredible collection of tableware from the spirit rock, industrial and unique. The line "The Machine" was inspired by tools and industrial objects (bolts, nuts, wrenches etc ...) and transforms them into glasses, plates and bowls! An ironic reinterpretation of everyday objects that are transformed and elegantly reused. Playful and provocative style of this collection will leave your guests in awe and give the table a touch of fun and ultra modern. All products are suitable for microwave and dishwasher safe: easier than that! This boîte white porcelain is perfect to hold the spaghetti, but you can also riporci coffee, sugar or flour. Place it on a shelf in the kitchen, it will look great! Boîte with lid - For the spaghetti - Dishwasher

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