Diesel living with Seletti

Diesel Living with Seletti is an exceptional collaboration between two great brands, Diesel and Seletti, who have joined forces to create a unique product line that brings together the world of clothing and interior design.

The collection features a wide range of products, including rugs, lamps, vases, plates and many more. Each piece features an industrial and urban style, with the use of materials such as metal and concrete, and an aesthetic that recalls Diesel clothing.

One of the most iconic products of the collection is the “Cosmic Diner“, a set of plates and cutlery inspired by the theme of universe and space, with a design that recalls astronaut helmets and space missions. This set is available in different color variations and can be used as a functional decoration in any kitchen or dining room.

Another popular product from the collection is the lamp “Machine Collection“, which features an industrial and futuristic design inspired by workshop machines. Available in different variants, this lamp is an ideal piece to furnish a study or a playroom, creating a modern and unique atmosphere.

But the Diesel Living with Seletti collection is not limited only to furnishing products. The collection also features a wide range of home accessories, including the “Cosmic Diner” and “Machine Collection” vases, the “Industry Collection” rugs and the “Biker Lounge” cushions. All these accessories blend perfectly with the style of the collection, adding a touch of personality and originality to any room.

Finally, the collection also includes a series of larger pieces of furniture, such as the "Metropolis" and "Leather Belt Chair" armchairs. These products have a unique design and attention to detail that make them unique, as well as being comfortable and functional.

In conclusion, the Diesel Living with Seletti collection is a testament to the ability of the Diesel and Seletti brands to collaborate and create original and innovative products. This collection offers a wide range of home products that combine Diesel's urban style with Seletti's interior design, creating a unique and distinctive atmosphere in any room. If you are looking for original and unique furnishing products, the Diesel Living with Seletti collection is definitely worth considering.

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