Franco Teodoro

Franco Teodoro is an architect born in Turin in the year 1939. From an early age, Teodoro was distinguished by his peers for his creativity and his ability to see things outside the box.

These two characteristics were of great help during the course of his career. In fact, after finally finishing his studies, Franco Teodoro continued his career working as an architect and as a designer, being engaged in various projects that required most of his time.

His success was when, living and working in Turin, he managed to get in touch with two other talented young people who were working in his own profession. Thanks to the meeting with Cesare Paolini e De Piero Gatti, Franco Teodoro succeeded in impressing several companies of the time who commissioned the trio of various kinds of work.

In particular, Franco Teodoro during the sixties and the following seventies was responsible for carrying out works that included aspects related to the architectural and interior design sector. Franco Teodoro contributed significantly to what can be defined as a masterpiece of interior design ie Sacco armchair.

The architect's fundamental commitment was amply repaid, as the Sacco armchair came and is still exhibited today in museums and events dedicated to the wonders of interior design.

The fame of Franco Teodoro expanded over the years not only nationally but also internationally and the architect was commissioned work by foreign clients who focused on the designer's inspiration.

Franco Teodoro died at the age of 66, after spending his life designing masterpieces of design.