DIY Cutlery Set / 4 pieces - For one person Metal Diesel living with Seletti


tableware collection with a rock spirit, industrial and unique.

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The famous brand of ready-to-wear Diesel finally arrives on your tables with this incredible collection of tableware with a rock, industrial and one-of-a-kind spirit. The "The Machine" line is inspired by industrial tools and objects (bolts, nuts, wrenches, etc.) and transforms them into glasses, plates and salad bowls! An ironic reinterpretation of ordinary objects that are transformed and elegantly reused. The playful and provocative style of this collection will leave your guests speechless and give the table a fun and ultra-modern touch. This set for one person consists of 4 steel cutlery whose handle resembles a wrench: knife, fork, coffee spoon and spoon. Ce Set da couverts pour 1 personne comprend 4 pièces: couteau, fourchette, cuillère à soupe, cuillère à café - Manche en forme de clé à molette

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