B-Line is an Italian company that represents the union between design and sustainability, with the desire to give new life to some icons of Italian design from the past. The company was founded in 1999 by Giorgio Bordin, a young entrepreneur who decided to give new life to some historical icons of Italian design from the 60s and 70s.

Their collection includes re-editions of famous design pieces such as the Boby trolley by Joe Colombo, but B-Line didn't stop at re-editions. In fact, the company has added contemporary furnishing accessories to its creations, the result of collaborations with international designers. In this way, B-Line has created a series of concrete, usable and transversal projects that coexist with the great cornerstones of design and convince in terms of character and style, passing naturally from domestic environments to work spaces and from indoors to outdoors .

Attention to sustainability

B-Line is characterized by attention to sustainability, which is a fundamental element of its DNA. The company has particular attention to the durability of its products, placed during the production process and the constant maintenance of the equipment necessary for processing. This allows us to still use the original molds from the 70s for the reproduction of historical products.

Furthermore, all B-Line products are entirely Made in Italy and, basically, at zero km. In fact, the company prefers the neighboring realities which are a source of incredible workers who constitute a heritage of high craftsmanship and excellence to be preserved. Attention to the environment is upstream of the entire production process, and transport and recycling imply a great expenditure of energy and consumption that B-Line tries to avoid.

As a guarantee of quality, B-Line manufactured and semi-finished products are regularly subjected to accurate control procedures. The materials used are 100% Made in Italy, and each item is tested and the seats are Catas certified. B-Line collaborates with international designers with the aim of incorporating different views and cultures and satisfying customer requests based on different sensitivities.

The B—Line collection includes design products from many international designers, including Karim rashid, Elena Salmistraro and Ilkka Suppanen, as well as reissues of pieces by Rodolfo Bonetto, Joe Colombo and Kazuhide Takahama.

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