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Kitchen project in Fossena Spazzolata stone

Kitchen project in Fossena Spazzolata stone it has been modified: ‭2019-04-11 di canalmarmi

The ancient and the modern interact in perfect balance in this spacious kitchen in Fossena stone. A natural material, almost crude, welcomes an innovative setting in shiny stainless steel composed of a gas hob, induction plates and a sink set. It is a restructuring project carried out by the marble workers and stone-laying layers of Canalmarmi, taken over by the design until installation at home.

The idea of ​​the client was from the beginning to combine nature and modernity, ancient and new, a harmonious contrast already present in many areas of the house and to be proposed again in the kitchen. Hence the idea of ​​creating a stone cladding capable of combining functionality and elegance, indispensable in a hob.

The efforts of the Canalmarmi technicians focused on creating an island with a kitchen top for food preparation and an adjacent, compact and square table. The element is placed in the center of the room, in perfect harmony with the surrounding steel elements and the wooden floor that enhances the naturalness of the coating.

From the initial rendering, the customer was able to view the project and choose the most suitable material for technical and aesthetic characteristics: a Fossena stone with gray shades, in a brushed finish to make it even more irregular and natural.

When the work is finished, the stone island creates an element of detachment with the technical elements and the innovative shiny steel accessories of the environment, yet it integrates at the same time with the context, also incorporating a piece of furniture with modern doors and stools.

Man and nature merge just like it happens every day on our tables, where the products of the earth are transformed into dishes and brought by the skilful hand of those who cook them.

Much of the credit must be attributed to the power of stone, the oldest in nature, but always able to innovate and be admired.

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