LUCEPLAN Curl presents the new LED lamp with a color temperature adjustment

table lamp carl luceplan Bergne 2012 BB
LUCEPLAN Curl presents the new LED lamp with a color temperature adjustment it has been modified: 2012-11-17 di

The table lamp Curl Bergne to luceplan perfectly combines intelligent functionality and original design, the size and calibrated with a natural sculptural but light presence. With its strong and original form, Curl is the result of a structured design project that weaves the function and interaction. This table lamp dynamic invites you to experience your ideal light, thrilling.  

The type of reference is the table lamp / coffee table / bedside table, a device which is required to provide a diffused light, possibly screen, and create a restful atmosphere.

curl it seems to have no base: the shape of the base is connected, in fact, without interruption with that of the curl-shaped reflector. The orientation of the light source is designed so that the emission hits the reflector ensuring an almost perfect color rendering index.

Built with modern materials, Curl provides a modular LED that allows you to adjust the temperature of its white light, With the simple rotation of the element diffuser, from 2400 3500 ° in ° kelvin until it becomes warm light. Also the switch, positioned and camouflaged in the center of the base, acts as a dimmer by storing the last scelda intensity. This lamp modern design is perfect for a light adjusted at will, hot or cold.

Luceplan CURL is available for purchase online preview here .

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