EOLIQUE lamp design Paolo Benevelli

Lamp Eolique Paul Benevelli
EOLIQUE lamp design Paolo Benevelli it has been modified: 2015-11-08 di Benedict Flowers

The lamp designed by Eolique Paul Benevelli, It was born working on a geometry and on the development of its movement.

Using the technology of laser cutting has been obtained that the wings, overlapping, rotate on themselves and allow to manage the light and to create geometries and lighting effects.

The wings, in addition to being a diffuser of light, are the cooling “system” of the LED lighting. In fact, the heat emitted by the LED is dispersed from the central body to the extreme part of the bands, avoiding overheating of the lamp.

Being able to move the wings, just with your hands, you can always create a new object, unique and personal, leaving room for processing.

The Eolique lamp is produced by Officinanove.

Lamp Eolique Paul Benevelli 04

Lamp Eolique Paul Benevelli 02

Eolique Paul Benevelli pendant lamp

Eolique Paul Benevelli design

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