Garden: the table lamp with a mini garden. Light, nature and well-being at the Milan Design Week

Garden: the table lamp with a mini garden
Garden: the table lamp with a mini garden. Light, nature and well-being at the Milan Design Week it has been modified: 2022-03-17 di Benedetto Fiori

Presented at Milan Design Week 2021 “Garden”, the table lamp with mini garden designed by Maurício D'Ávila for Geo Luz & Cerâmica.

Light, nature and well-being. A trinomial that the designer Maurício D'Ávila, of the Brazilian company Geo Luz & Cerâmica, has summarized in an innovative creation: Garden is a table lamp with a mini garden that the award-winning professional launches during the Milan Design Week, from 5 to 10 September.

The object, on display at the exhibition Brasil - Design in Motion, organized at the University of Milan, is inspired by the concept of biophilic design, which proposes the integration of nature in everyday spaces and objects, in a symbiosis to offer comfort and satisfaction to the user.

“Nature is known to have a positive influence on people's health and feeling of happiness. Since we spend a large part of our life indoors, both at home and at work, it is essential that we can establish emotional bonds with the environment and objects that surround us. The design thought for well-being, combined with natural elements, helps to motivate the human being, to reduce the incidence of diseases related to stress, as well as to promote performance and productivity ", explains Maurício D'Ávila.

The sustainable character of the piece - made of ceramic and aluminum - is another important theme for the designer.

“Fortunately, consumers around the world are increasingly interested in products that respect the environment and are durable. This concern, which is also ours as designers, is also linked to the final phase of the life of an object. The lamps that I develop for Geo Luz & Cerâmica are all made of ceramic, that is, they originate in nature and then return to it. In the case of Garden, there is ceramic and also aluminum, which is a recyclable material. Furthermore, our production process is attentive to the environment ", Maurício D'Ávila points out.

About the designer

Maurício D'Ávila has already won numerous awards, such as the Prêmio Abilux de Design and the Prêmio House & Gift. Three of his pieces have been published in the Italian book Top Design. The Copacabana lamp, also signed by him, took part in the exhibition promoted on the occasion of the 32nd Prêmio Design Museu da Casa Brasileira.

About Garden: the table lamp with mini garden

Producer: Geo Luz & Cerâmica; Origin: Campinas / São Paulo / Brazil
Web page:
Designer: Maurício D'Ávila
Function: table lamp and decorative terrarium
Color: White, Black, Sand and Terracotta
LEDs: Integrated - LED 127V - 2700K - 1800lm or LED 220V - 2700K - 1800lm
Materials: ceramic and aluminum
Garden I - Diameter: 30 cm; Height: 35 cm; Weight: 4,3 Kg
Garden II - Diameter: 45 cm, Height: 49 cm, Weight: 5,5 Kg

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