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visual communication contest for the district Savona Solari Tortona

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visual communication contest for the district Savona Solari Tortona it has been modified: 2013-11-05 di eggired

Connecting Cultures - in collaboration with NABA - launches online competition to design the graphic image of the
Solari Savona poster 
Tortona, The communication device of the Solari Savona Tortona Dencity the project.
The communication device is proposed as a connecting element between the cultural and creative vocation of the area.

The poster will have to communicate in both form and content available - that will be modular - the sense of
a proposal addressed to
all residents, visitors and users of those places.

The graphics designed for posting must be attractive in order to encourage the construction of new communication relationships
to promote active participation of users within Dencity.

The competition is to provide the graphics of a poster that, every two months, from January 2014 2016 until February, will be exhibited at strategic points in the area Solari Savona Tortona, shops, bookstores, cafes, artists' studios, to disseminate the most interesting news in the area related to cultural activities, events, appointments, events, local.

The competition is open until December 20 2013.

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