Salone del Mobile 2014


FURNITURE FAIR 2014 | COLLABORATION, Nascent DESIGN AND CALLIGARIS BORN "CODE" it has been modified: +2014 di Marta Rossi

An innovative project that is part of a wider process of repositioning the brand Calligaris entrusted to the design agency in Milan

It will be officially presented to the Salone del Mobile 2014 "CODE", A collaboration between the progettonato nascent Design, Brand and design agency in Milan specialized in the development of design projects strategicoe Calligaris, Historical company furnishing Made in Italy today an international player in the major capitals of the world.

CODE is a project that shows the growth of Calligaris brand and is the result of the broader brand repositioning process entrusted to Nascent Design already in 2013. It is an "incubator" in which young and talented designers, from Matthew Cibic and Studio BGR (Busetti-Garuti-Redaelli), you are put into play to create a unique collection of furnishings capable of surprising and reflect new market trends and creativity. CODE DEsign as complements or as a set of products that share the same approach to array design and Smart Attitude philosophy that characterizes the Calligaris brand.

nascent Design, Building on its strategic approach in the first instance set the CODE overall concept and then assisted the company in a design business strategy aimed at identifying the designer to work with and the types of objects to be implemented. He then created the corporate image whose logo, with its three-dimensional typography and materials, refer to the concept of object and invokes the world of home furnishings.

In line with the broader brand renewal process, Nascent Design has developed and implemented, for CODE and other novelty product 2014 Calligaris, a communication infrastructure to 360 °. Through this work the Calligaris design week will be transformed from a simple trade fair dedicated to the sale event in which you will communicate for the first time the brand's philosophy: "Italian smart design." Philosophy summed up in the stand at the fair (1000mq), the flagship store in Brera as well as in a more advanced communication system to all new products.

"We are very happy to have given life to this project along with Nascent following the path of evolution of the brand already started a year ago, and that is leading us to value an important company in the Italian furniture industry and at the same time to promote youth talented designers. " - Said Andrea Bocchiola, Marketing Director of Calligaris - "At the base, an innovative approach that sees the design not only as a simple tool for enhancing aesthetics of the product, but as a broad vision of" design thinking "that allows you to generate ideas and objects with a strong" smart "attitude following the great tradition of design Italian" said Max Bosio, founder and Director of Creative Design Nascent.

nascent Design

Nascent is an independent agency that develops branding design projects, design and integrated communication strategy, directed to the creation and development of brands in different contexts and situations. Consists of Max Bosio in 2004, Nascent Design is a reality today that, through a strong creative vocation and a "multidimensional" approach and strategic, offers advice that help the customer in the delicate process of building and enhancement of its brand both at the institutional level ( corporate branding) and product (product branding). Nascent Design provides advice in various disciplines: brand strategy, design strategy, identity and package design, retail design, communication design, interactive and digital media. Since its foundation the agency has signed projects for clients such as Kraft, Beneteau Group, Ideal Standard, Flos, Roche, Coca-Cola, Incanto Group, Zanotta, Toyota, CheBanca !, Unieuro, Auchan, Calligaris. Nascent recently received important international awards such as Red Dot Communication Design Award 2012 and 2013, 2013 the IF Design Award, the GOOD DESIGN Award and the German Design Award 2013 2014.

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