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The shower room according to Gattoni Rubinetteria. Relax, design and "Green attitude"

The shower room according to Gattoni Rubinetteria. Relax, design and "Green attitude" it has been modified: 2017-06-09 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners Lorenzo Strona & Partners

A welcoming oasis of well-being in which to regenerate on a daily basis, thanks to the multisensory relaxation: the shower environment proposed by Gattoni Rubinetteria, thanks to solutions with different functions, capable of meeting the different needs, characterized by a strong aesthetic performance And particularly effective in the environmentally sustainable management of water and energy resources.

Among the proposals aimed at enhancing the style of relaxation and relaxation in the shower space, there are distinguished design façades characterized by different shapes, from the more geometric and linear to the more plastic and evocative of the vegetable world. In addition, it continues to enrich the range of stainless steel shower heads with essential volumes and features waterfall jets, even in the fascinating recessed version and double jet, wall and ceiling, which offer the option of selecting the ideal zampillo, To rain or waterfall, to choose from many profiles and sizes.

For those who want to transform the bath into a spa, the Gattoni shower program offers an innovative collection of multi-option stainless steel shower heads with different geometries - circular, square, elliptical or rectangular - featuring chromotherapy lights in nine different Shades, activated via a handy remote control, rain and waterfall jets to promote regeneration.
In addition, the personalization of the shower room is made even more articulated thanks to the exhausting range of shower enclosures, featuring ups and downs with trendy, classic or contemporary tonal showerheads.

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