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Architect @ Work Milan 2018: Skinwall Dream Wallpaper presents the new architecture of living

Architect @ Work Milan 2018: Skinwall Dream Wallpaper presents the new architecture of living it has been modified: 2018-11-03 di terzomillennium

The wallpaper is stripped of its decorative allure and becomes a real architectural element. Skinwall Dream Wallpaper is well known, and has been selected by the Architect @ Work Milano commission, the prestigious exhibition dedicated to architects, designers and industry professionals from all over Europe.

The protagonist of the exhibition space will be the new "Undergrowth Sun" wallpaper, presented in preview as an anticipation of the 2019 Collection of Skinwall Dream Wallpaper, realized on TNT Goffrato support. The charm of black and white contrasts with the strength of the orange light spots, recreating in a new key a natural landscape full of charm.

This year, from the collaboration of the company with three well-known artists, 10 spectacular wallpapers were collected in the Suite Collection, one of which, "On the Stage" by Michelangelo Bonfiglioli, will be exhibited on the occasion of the exhibition on TNT Woven Vinyl . The artist and expert graphic designer, has given life to an intense and involving work, where he seems to snoop behind the scenes of a classical ballet, managing to glimpse the profiles of sinuous dancers: an extension of the space rather than a wall covering , able to give unprecedented three-dimensionality to the walls.

"We decided to overcome the role of wallpaper as a simple ornament, starting from the material effect of the supports, fruit of careful research, to innovative and revolutionary prints" said Marco Brigi, Sales Manager of Skinwall Dream Wallpaper. "Our creations are freed of their exclusively aesthetic function by eliminating the boundaries of the environment and projecting it into a dimension without limits, thus defining a new architecture of living."

Skinwall Dream Wallpaper will be on show at Architect @ Work Milan
the 14 and 15 November at the 148 booth.


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